Is this Jezebel's a Southern temptress...or a dog?

When Scott Durrah and Wanda James were trying to decide what to call their newest concept, a laid-back Southern restaurant and bar, they kept coming back to Jezebel's Jezebel's, the name of their basset hound. They liked it for its "undercurrent of excitement," says James, "whatever that means to you."

What that means to most people is a vague recollection of one of the original naughty girls who made history, as opposed to one of the well-behaved ones who seldom do. In the biblical books of Kings, Jezebel married King Ahab and persuaded the people of Israel to worship pagan gods, among other things. See also: Jezebel's the latest incarnation for the High Street Speakeasy

What James and Durrah didn't know, at least not until after they'd chosen the name Jezebel's, was that some people might have less exciting associations with the word. For example, a shuttered Denver speakeasy that went by the same name...and was definitely a dog. Especially compared to the High Street Speakeasy that had once occupied that now-empty Victorian building.

Find out what kind of associations you'll have after trying a meal of the Southern-style fare at this Jezebel's after my review is posted here tomorrow.

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