J's Noodles and New Thai morphs into J's Noodle Star Thai and Thai Spice Cafe becomes J's Noodles & New Thai

J's Noodles & New Thai, the venerable curry joint at 945 South Federal Boulevard, originally opened by Jit Nabangchang nearly twenty years ago, has already gone through one name change when it morphed from simply J's Noodles to J's Noodles & New Thai, and now the humble space has altered the name again, this time to J's Noodle Star Thai.

The new moniker stems from the fact that Yupa An, who owns Star Thai in Lakewood, 8048 West Jewell Avenue, is now a co-owner of J's, while Sammy Teawdeswan, one of the previous owners of J's, has taken over the Thai Spice Cafe, which shuttered last month at 1842 South Parker Road. Teawdeswan renamed the joint J's Noodles & New Thai.

But no one at J's Noodle Star Thai is accusing Teawdeswan of name thievery. He's An's brother, and according to Prince Nuntanavooth, An's son and Teawdeswan's nephew, it's all good in the 'hood. "My uncle wanted to open his own restaurant, and he wanted the name, so we gave it to him," says Nuntanavooth. "He saw an opportunity to take over the Thai Spice Cafe and open up his own place when the owner decided she wanted to retire," he adds.

The menus are virtually the same at both restaurants, and free delivery and alcoholic poisons are available at both locations, too.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.