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Reader: Tacos, Pizza, Tacos, Pizza...We Need Something Different

La Loteria will open later this month at 42 South Broadway.
La Loteria will open later this month at 42 South Broadway. Mark Antonation
Will South Broadway hit the lottery with La Loteria Taqueria? The brick-and-mortar version of Edgar Silvestre's food truck is slated to open in late August in the former BorraCho/Cho 77 space at 42 South Broadway. After three years, Silvestre and his family are translating their food-truck menu to a sit-down eatery.

But they'll keep the vibrant nightlife aspect of the truck with a walk-up window that will stay open to service late-night revelers well past midnight on weekends. That will differentiate La Loteria from some of the other taco slingers in the area, and add to the area's early-morning options of pizza...and pizza.

The truck's fans are ready to follow. Says Josh: 
La Loteria is amazing! Glad they found a spot so I don’t have to hunt down their truck to get my lengua fix! Congratulations, La Loteria!
But Joe notes: 
Three taco shops all within five blocks of one another; never going to be lacking on tacos.
Adds Josh:
 Tacos, pizza, tacos, pizza. We need something different.
Says Girr: 
Have to try it before it's another Voodoo Doughnut in six weeks.
Suggests Michelle: 
So perhaps we will be able to get an actual taco vs a hipster bullshit taco with too much shit all over it.
Says Marcelino: 
I really hope La Lotería is owned by someone who 1. actually speaks the language, 2. knows how to play it, and 3. isn't just appropriating marginalized cultures because it sounds cute. That's happened enough already.
You're in luck, Marcelino:  La Loteria's menu is built on recipes from Edgar Silvestre's mom, and he has had plenty of experience cooking in restaurants as well as in the food truck; he's also worked at North County, and his brother was a chef at Billy's Inn.

Carne al pastor, barbacoa, lengua, carne asada and fried-fish tacos have all been regulars on the truck and will be at La Loteria, too. The eatery will be open for lunch, dinner and late-night service, perhaps until as late as 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Have you tried La Loteria? What do you think of the food on this stretch of Broadway? What other food would you like to see? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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