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This Week in Beer: Lady Justice Is Moving, Jade Mountain Rebrands and More

Get the details on an MSG-infused beer and upcoming events like River North's 12th anniversary party.
As Sunroom Brewing exits, Lady Justice will move in.
As Sunroom Brewing exits, Lady Justice will move in. Sunroom Brewing
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As the local brewery scene continues to evolve and grow, we're rounding up the news, events and new releases you need to know about. Here's the latest:

Lady Justice Moving Into Sunroom Brewing Space
The Story: The transition will happen in March, with Lady J closing its Colfax taproom at the end of February.
The Scoop: The move is an expansion for Lady Justice, which admitted in an Instagram post that it had simply outgrown its Colfax space; the brewery will be listed as a turnkey asset sale for prospective buyers. Sunroom unfortunately had to exit due to family issues, and while the neighborhood will miss its active events and true small-business friendliness, there may be no brewery better suited to take it over than Lady Justice.
click to enlarge Skulls, candles and a dark beer
Jade Mountain has been rebranded into a darker, heavier metal theme in Incantation Brewing.
Incantation Brewing Instagram
Jade Mountain Changes Its Brewery Name, Theme
The Story: After a mysterious social media rebrand, the new Incantation Brewing opened on February 9.
The Scoop: Owner Sean Guerrero is still running the show. He told Porch Drinking that the move came down to a business decision, but that there were also some deeper, more personal issues involved. Incantation will have more of a heavy-metal theme (think TRVE Brewing), with more mainstream beers.

The larger picture here is that breweries often struggle with the decision of how to stand out in a very crowded market, while at the same time not becoming too niche to have a wide customer base. On top of that, most owners want to remain passionate about what they are brewing. Fortunately, it sounds like Guerrero is going to brew more of the styles that he enjoys, with the current menu showing a pair of pale lagers, a dark lager, two IPAs, two sour beers and a coffee stout. Fans of Jade Mountain still have some remnants of the old styles around — a hibiscus hard tea drink is on the menu.

MAKfam Lunar New Year Dinner Menu Includes Beer With MSG
The Story: The special dinner menu will be available February 21 and 22.
The Scoop: MAKfam continues to work hard to correct the common misconceptions surrounding monosodium glutamate (MSG). Novel Strand will produce the MSG beer, but cocktails will also be featured on the special menu, along with roughly a dozen menu items to choose from. Reservations are required.
click to enlarge Bottle of beer, dark beer in a glass.
River North turns twelve on February 17 and is celebrating with some giant beers.
River North Brewery
Upcoming Events

Uppers and Downs
Saturday, February 17, noon
Coda Brewing
15965 South Golden Road, Golden
Sip on single-origin coffee and craft beer as Incognita roaster Erin and Coda brewer Luke discuss the different processes between the two drinks. Coffee will be paired with beer in several iterations. Bags of coffee, canned beer and draft beer will be available at a reduced price for participants as well. The class is $44 and welcomes all levels of interest and experience.

River North Twelfth Anniversary
Saturday, February 17, 1 to 9 p.m.
River North Brewery
6021 Washington Street and 3400 Blake Street

River North turns twelve, and the brewery is celebrating with a massive imperial stout. At 22.1 percent ABV, the twelfth-anniversary beer is a blend of single, double, triple and quadruple barrel-aged stouts. In addition, two of the individual barrels tested out at 23.5 and 24.1 percent ABV, respectively — likely the two strongest beers ever brewed in Colorado. Those two beers will be available at the party in two-ounce tasters.

Comrade IPA Festival
Wednesday, February 21, noon
Comrade Brewing
7667 Iliff Avenue

Comrade is throwing a kick-ass IPA festival, with some of the best IPAs in the state, featuring beers from Amalgam, Cannonball Creek, Cellar West, Liquid Mechanics, Our Mutual Friend, Westbound and Down and more. In addition, Comrade will be selling tickets at 4 p.m. for a special 5:30 p.m. pouring of Russian River's Pliny the Younger.
Beer in a mug in front of draft tower.
TKB Pils is on draft up in Idaho Springs.
Tommyknocker Brewery
Beer of the Week: TKB Pils from Tommyknocker Brewery, German-style pilsner, 5.1 percent ABV
From the Brewery: Our Alpine Glacier Pilsner is dry-hopped with Spalt hops to produce a classic German pilsner.
From the Glass: Some grassy hops on the nose, followed by a distinct malt structure on the first sip. The bitterness is there to balance, but neatly tucked away in the softer, rounder mouthfeel — it doesn't drink like the listed 40 IBUs. Tommyknocker added a Lukr side-pull faucet in recent years, and this is an excellent beer to use it for. This would be my regular Tommyknocker beer if I lived down the street.
Availability: On draft at the brewery.
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