Lechuga's is for sale for $3 million -- there goes the neighborhood!

A river of red sauce used to run through northwest Denver, where many first-generation Italian Americans settled and opened their own restaurants -- which were later taken over by second- and third-generation Italian Americans. But those red-sauce joints have been disappearing; Pagliacci's, Longo's Subway Tavern and Carbone's Italian Sausage Deli all closed within the past year. In some cases, developers gave the owners an offer too good to refuse; in others, the next generation didn't want to keep in the business.

Now comes word that Lechuga's Italian Restaurant and Lounge is for sale -- for a cool $3 million. See also: - Lechuga's in northwest Denver is famous for its canolis - Photos: Last supper at Pagliacci's - Longo's Subway Tavern reaches the end of the line

Lechuga's got its start in the '60s as Carbone's Bakery, and was transformed into Lechuga's in 1990. The price includes both the building, a parking lot and the business -- but we don't know if the recipes for the Lechuga's canolis and Little Devils come with.

Here's the for-sale announcement:

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