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Lechuga's Sold For $2,500,000 -- Down From Original Asking Price of $3 Million

When Lechuga's went on the market last year, the circa 1966 building -- which got its start as Carbone's Bakery, then became Lechuga's in 1990 -- and lot were listed for a hefty $3 million. But then, the property at 3601 Tejon Street is in the heart of hot, hot LoHi -- and came with a big parking lot. See also: Lechuga's Is for Sale for $3 Million -- There Goes the Neighborhood But the actual sale price was considerably lower than $3 million: According to court filings cited in the Denver Business Journal this week, Lechugas Inc. was sold to G.C. Gallegos LLC last month for $1,300,000. But that doesn't tell the whole story, says Juanita Chacon, who handled the sale. When the business itself was added into the transaction the total came to $2.5 million.

And in an area where old buildings and businesses are disappearing every day, the new owners brought something priceless to the deal: They plan to not only keep the restaurant open, but improve it.

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