Libby Langdon fumbles her Super Bowl party ideas

Cheap and easy -- no, I'm not talking about your mom, but throwing a Super Bowl party.

It's cheap and easy, at least according to Libby Langdon, whose impeccable party credentials include hosting her own show on HGTV and being the makeup guru on Rachael Ray's show. And what does an esteemed interior designer who has done guest spots on The View and The Early Show, written a bestselling novel, and designed the interiors of pro golfers' homes and New York City restaurants know about throwing a party on the manliest of all days?

Let's find out.

Libby's first bit of advice is to encourage your guests to wear their favorite team colors. Why in God's name would you want to wear your team's jersey if your team isn't in the game? It's like wearing a different-sized condom; it just doesn't look or feel right.

She also informs us that we should move all the additional TVs to the main room of the house, so that it looks like a sports bar. If I'm going to all that trouble, I'd better also have chesty lap dancers, er, servers, from Hooters working the room -- or, better yet, the pole.

How manly is this suggestion from Libby? Use metal tags with the guests' names on them and attach it to their glasses. Her reasoning is that this way, you won't need plastic cups -- but you also won't need to wash a million glasses, either. But true Super Bowl parties always use plastic beer glasses with the drinker's name written on them with a black Sharpie; that way, you can stack up your empties and show your friends how drunk you are.

Libby's concept of Super Bowl party food is to make a Salad Bowl Bar with diced chicken, raw veggies and lots of dressing choices. If I were ever to go to a party, super or not, with a salad bar, you can be sure that mass hilarity would not ensue. Libby would also order a pizza without the cheese but with extra vegetables, make turkey chili and serve pita break and hummus.

I hope she drowns in a sea of yogurt.

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