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Lime XS will close until March while it undergoes a massive remodel

Curt and Pam Sims, the married couple -- and owners -- of Lime, have been nothing short of busy, simultaneously closing and reopening their signature series of Lime cantinas, which got their start more than a decade ago on Larimer Square. In 2012, they closed the Larimer Square location and reopened it last month in a new build-out on the skyscraping top floor of the Denver Pavilions. And now they've turned their attention to Lime XS, which is closed for a major remodel.

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"It's been seven years since we opened the store at Sixth and Clarkson, and it needs a facelift," says Pam, adding that she and her husband, who's also a veteran club owner, are "totally gutting the interior to open the space." To that end, she reveals, "We'll have a whole new color palette and design scheme, a bigger bar with a much larger tequila selection similar to the new Lime at the Pavilions, and we're downsizing the menu to make it more concise and user-friendly."

The front patio, which Pam calls Lime's "biggest draw," will also benefit from a facelift. "We were dreadfully slow in the wintertime, because we really couldn't use the patio, and for several years, we've wanted to try and make the space more user friendly in the winter, so we're incorporating an indoor/outdoor bar on the north side and installing garage doors on the side that faces Sixth Avenue," she says.

"There's a lots of history in this place, and it's experienced a lot wear and tear over the years, even before we took over the space," adds Pam, "so while we love this neighborhood and wanted to stay, we knew we had to get a plan in place to give it some love, but we needed accommodation from the landlord before we got started, and we had to get Pavilions open before we could move the crew over here."

Among the artifacts they've unearthed since stripping down the space is the original entrance door (which they found behind a wall) to the gas station that once occupied the same address. "We also found an original Master Charge sticker logo on the door's window that dates back to the '60s, long before it was changed to MasterCard. Talk about uncovering modern archeology," quips Curt.

The remodel will stretch through the winter months, with an estimated reopening date sometime in late March. And, yes, there will still be free parking.

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