Live Long and Prosper! Top Five Coolest Star Trek Foods and Drinks

With Leonard Nimoy’s passing, the Star Trek universe lost its Mr. Spock, but his legacy — and that of the entire Trek franchise — lives on in popular culture with all the magical uniforms, stories, jokes, phaser replicas, conventions — and of course the out-of-this-world food and drinks. From Uhura’s slusho mix (well-played, J.J. Abrams) to Trip’s penchant for fried catfish, Lieutenant Reed’s love of pineapple, Chief O’ Brian’s taste for redspice and Captain Janeway’s Vulcan tea, the edibles and beverages of the Star Trek franchise exist in perpetuity for fans.

Here’s are the five coolest Star Trek foods and frinks. For more info on all the tasties mentioned and plenty of other remarkable edibles from the Star Trek-i-verse, check out Memory Alpha.
5) Vulcan Plomeek soup.
Plomeek is a traditional Vulcan breakfast soup or broth that is purported to be rather bland and generally made from vegetables (most Vulcans are vegetarians) — but nobody but the Vulcans reeeeally know the best recipes. This soup has been popular throughout just about every Trek television series, with it being mentioned several times in Enterprise, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, but the most memorable moment with Plomeek was that time Nurse Chapel tried to get Mr. Spock to have a bite or two during his pon farr, but he didn't eat it so much as flew into a rage of sexual frustration and hurled it at poor Christine.

Spock was sorry for his soup attack (stupid pon farr rage!) and later asked Nurse Chapel to make it for him again.
4) Betazoid oskoid.
Those crazy Betazoid folks with their telepathy, gong-banging during meals and naked wedding ceremonies also have some interesting tastes in foods, and thanks to the profusion of Trek lore we know about some of them. Betazoids dine with others and hate to eat alone. They enjoy meats and breads, they have a pasta dish similar to spaghetti called Raixen, and they are also fond of jungle-grown berries like red uttaberries and purple swix. But the most fascinating tidbit that Betazoid diners like Lwaxana and Deanna Troi love to munch is the delicacy oskoid, which is a greeny-purpley-leafy-sorta-thing that suspiciously resembles kale.

Yep, it’s totally kale — space kale — and this officially makes Betazoids the trendy foodie hipsters of space, the final frontier.
3) Klingon bloodwine.
It was incredibly difficult to pick only one Klingon specialty to profile because those cats know how to kill, die, leak purple blood, and eat and drink some gag-inducing stuff. This imposing warrior race downs eccentric and petrifying foods like Bregit lung (reptiles), Krada (some sort of amphibian legs), Pipius claws (something like chicken feet), Rokeg blood pie (pretty much what it sounds like), and heart of Targ (wild boar heart) — and who can forget the Klingon signature dish gagh, those wiggly worms that appear to be alive? And to wash this all down is Klingon bloodwine, a warm, highly potent alcoholic punch made of well….yeah….that.

The best part of Klingon bloodwine is the Trekkie ingenuity on display when they attempt to replicate the drink in real life, using ingredients like cinnamon schnapps, Everclear, chiles, Tabasco sauce, cranberry juice and bitters.
2) Cardassian Taspar eggs.
I actually hated that episode (TNG: Chain of Command Part II) where Picard was kidnapped by the Cardassians, but the one thing I liked about it was the part when Gul Madred served Picard a raw Taspar egg. Taspars are some sort of poorly described Cardassian critters, but the eggs they produce are eaten raw or cooked, with Trek lore suggesting that most Cardassians are not fond of the raw eggs. Most humans are not, either, but the Taspar eggs looked a lot like balut, the offputting but delicious boiled egg complete with the fetal duck (from Southeast Asia, not the Trek-i-verse).

The quick glimpse of the Taspar egg shows it with a live Taspar embryo in the shell, and I cannot help but think the prop staff had the tasty, boiled baby duck in mind when they got creative with the alien egg.
1) Romulan ale.
You gotta love liquor that is so strong and gets both aliens and humans so faced that the stuff is illegal. Romulan ale is the most recognized alcoholic beverage in the entire Star Trek franchise and the butt of hangover jokes across galaxies. Its enticing blue color makes it look like Kool-Aid, which is sweet, harmless and incapable of getting you thrown in the brig. This space ale is only available through smuggling and cannot be synthesized through replicators because only Romulans know the recipe — and the Romulans aren't sharing.

Like Klingon bloodwine, there are hordes of official and unofficial recipes to make Romulan ale; the most recognized version is a blend of rum, grain alcohol and blue Curacao (don’t drink and warp, kids!). But, if there was ever a time to raise a glass of noxious, canon-legitimized booze, it would now, in honor of truth, logic and Leonard Nimoy, who will be dearly missed in every galaxy. 

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