Man dressed as mountaineer jumps from ViewHouse roof -- and has a rough landing

TheViewHousehas been a hit since it opened last March in the Ballpark neighborhood -- but it took a hit early this morning, when a man who'd attended a Zombie rock concert there fell from the top deck onto some wooden scaffolding fourteen or so feet below. Let this be a warning: If you dress as a mountaineer on Halloween, do not try to act like a mountaineer. See also: Chef and Tell with Jose Guerrero, exec chef of the ViewHouse

Channel 7 reported on the incident early this morning, and reported that the man had been transported to the hospital in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries.

We reached Brad Manske, director of operations at Lotus Concepts, owner of ViewHouse, and got more information: At 1 a.m. this morning, a reveler dressed as a mountaineer had climbed over the railing on the top deck at ViewHouse, then attempted to jump onto the roof of a nearby law firm. He missed, and landed on a wooden frame fourteen feet or so below.

"All our safety precautions are in place," Manske notes. "We take our guests' safety seriously."

Still, it's hard to guard against guests who take their costumes too seriously.

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