Midwest to Frontier: That's the way the cookie crumbles

A chocolate-chip cookie. That's the consolation prize for faithful Midwest fliers, now that Republic has announced that it will be keeping the Frontier brand, and merging in Midwest flights. But at least one remnant of Midwest will remain: the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies served on each flight since 1986.

In fact, as Republic considered which of the two identities to keep, Midwest even set up savethecookie.com, where over 56,000 people signed a petition to save the Midwest name. Or at least the cookie.

And what, exactly, is the recipe for such faithfulness?

Midwest has never revealed the formula used to bake these cookies in-flight. But a few years ago, it started selling the cookie dough at Sendik's Food Markets outlets in Milwaukee. And in early 2008, it also made the dough available in Kansas City. "Through the years, our passengers have repeatedly asked where they could buy our fresh, baked-onboard chocolate chip cookies," Susan Kerwin-Hagen, Midwest Airlines marketing programs specialist, explained at the time.

The dough comes packaged as 32 raw, ready-to-bake, 1-ounce cookies. No word yet on if it will be sold in Denver -- or survive as a product at all.

In the meantime, thanks, Midwest, for surrendering so graciously. We can use the dough.

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