Cafe Society

More DISH and the growth of GrowHaus: A second helping of Cafe Society, September 16-20

For this week's restaurant review, Gretchen Kurtz went to Epernay, a restaurant where chef Duy Pham does incredible things in the kitchen -- but the service out front can be incredibly bad. Mark Antonat, who's been eating his way up Federal Boulevard, stopped at the Far East Center for a meal at Saigon Bowl that bowled him over. And Lori Midson visited The GrowHaus, site of the upcoming Harvest Week events, to talk with co-founder Adam Brock for her Chef and Tell interview.

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We're giving away a pair of tickets to a HarvestWeek dinner; find the details here. And don't forget Westword's DISH event, which will fill Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex on Sunday, September 22, with food and other samples from close to fifty restaurants and food trucks. VIP tickets are sold out, but general admission are still available; get the scoop here.

In other restaurant news: Opened this week: Barrels & Bottles Brewery, 600 12th Street in Golden CapRock Farm Bar, 3350 Brighton Boulevard Lotus Vegetarian, 1015 South Federal Boulevard Closed this week: Vietnam Grill, 1015 South Federal Boulevard

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