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Nine Colorado food trucks (and carts) are racing to win a spot on next season's The Great Food Truck Race -- and they need your votes!

On August 15, the Food Network unleashed the premier of The Great Food Truck Race, in which seven teams comprised of the country's top food truck slingers hit the asphalt to wheel around the country, all in an effort to sell the most food in whichever challenge city they're parked. The losing teams chugs home, while the surviving teams continue driving to the next city until, finally, one sole food truck remains. The team that outlasts all the others rides away with a hefty check for $50,000.

No Colorado trucks are featured on this season's race, but that could change next season.

That's because the Food Network is hosting a little contest -- and that's where all you street food fanatics come in. Over the past several weeks, street food addicts nominated their favorite meals on wheels for the opportunity to win $10,000 and appear on the next season of The Great Food Truck Race.

And guess what? Nine Colorado trucks (and carts) are in the running: Biker Jim's; the Biscuit Bus; Brava! Pizzeria; Comida; Gastro Cart; Crepe Crusaders (Colorado Springs); Steuben's; the Denver Cupcake Truck; and 528˚. Not a bad showing.

To vote for your favorite, go to Added bonus: With every vote you cast, you'll get a chance to win a trip to the Food Network New York City Food & Wine Festival.

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