Open wide.
Open wide.

Oblio's Pizzeria offers an eating challenge with "28 inches of pure madness"

Oblio's Pizzeria, 6115 East 22nd Avenue, makes great pizza, and now the owners want you to eat it all at once. The Park Hill joint is offering an eating challenge that they call "28 inches of pure madness. Two people, one hour, no upchucking." If you pull it off, Oblio's -- known for its golf cart-driving customers -- will give you $100 bucks and initiate you into the Oblio's Hall of Fame -- for whatever that's worth. (We recommend spending at least some of the cash on the restaurant's awesome Sangrias.)

Want to take the challenge? Call 303-321-1511 to make a challenge reservation. Read about some of Denver's other eating challenges here.


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