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Oh Gnome You Didn't! The ten best team themes from Flipcup'alooza

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People were flipping out in the plaza outside Fado Irish Pub on Saturday. Between drunken refs, a brief rain delay, match announcers competing with blasting music from DJ Escal8 and general alcohol-induced chaos, the madness level among competitors and spectators alike at Flipcup'alooza approached shitshow levels. By the end of the night, referees had blown calls, somebody had stolen the booby-prize toilet seat and third place had mysteriously disappeared. By the time the champions, Sweep the Leg, were crowned, many participants were tired and cranky. Others were cheering, laughing and wrestling on the beer-soaked ground.

What made the night truly memorable was the mandatory team-costume rule, which added surprising flavor to an otherwise repetitive game. Though the games themselves ran too long to include the intended best-costume contest, we decided to offer our own take. Check out the ten best team themes from the tournament:

10. So Fly Like a G-Flip

Paying homage to Far East Movement's briefly popular and infinitely irritating song, this team came to the games in their most ballerific gear. Sporting heavy-looking chains, stylish glasses and shiny everything, no matter how terrible that song is, their flyness was undeniable.

9. The Hambeerglars

Surprisingly relevant since the tournament included a short break for burgers, this team's theme made you wonder if members pilfered extra burgers or just stuck to making beer disappear. Either way, you gotta give the Hambeerglars credit for bringing the silly to a competition that was, at times, quite fierce. Though some of their colors were off and they didn't include those really cool Hamburglar hats, the Hambeerglars managed to steal a spot in our top ten.

8. Black Dynamite

It is a strange place where blaxploitation and flip cup intersect, especially when it's a bunch of white folks trying to pull it off -- and these team members ended up looking more like vintage porn actors than anything else. Nevertheless, it was a fun theme, and earned a spot in our top ten.

7. Scooby-Doo Flip Crew

Besides providing hands down the best photo of the night, this team deserves credit for looking a lot like the characters they were imitating. This guy on the right could play Freddie in a movie and the pose struck by Shaggy and Scooby, and that look in their eyes, was just perfect. We don't have any Scooby Snacks, so a spot in the top ten will have to suffice.

6. Oh Gnome You Didn't

Puns were a popular theme among the teams at Fado, but none were as whimsically irrelevant as Oh Gnome You Didn't. But then, fun was the name of the game...and what's more fun than gnomes? Leprechauns, perhaps? Alas, there wasn't a leprechaun in sight.

5. Sweep the Leg

Paying tribute to the classic 1984 The Karate Kid, dressed in the supremely cool but hate-inducing Kobra Kai outfits, Sweep the Leg definitely takes the best nostalgic costume award. These guys nailed the details, too, with eye black bearing the words "sweep leg" and "body bag."

4. Excuse My Fanny

Easily the winner of Flipcup'alooza's most bootylicious award, Excuse My Fanny had the derrieres to back up their game. Sure, their backsides may have been plastic and yes, they were comically big -- but look at what's being done to breasts these days.

3. Oompa-Loompas

Oompa-Loompa doopity do Flip Cup is more fun with a costume Oompa-Loompa doopity dee The Oompa-Loompas make it into the top three

2. The Feared and the Weird

Looking like some combination cavemen and '80s glam-metal, the Feared and the Weird were certainly among the most creative and interesting-looking teams, especially the guy on the left, who bears a striking resemblance to Dave Chapelle's hilarious portrayal of Micki Free. Weird is something these guys certainly are.

1. Flippendales

You might assume that when the rain started falling during the tournament, it would put a damper on the team themes -- but Flippendales just got sexier and sexier. Not only could these team members flip, they could also strip -- and with costumes that were both original and topical, they were a deadly combination.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.