One Ling & Louie's closes while another celebrates five years with $5 deals

Five years ago, Scottsdale-based Ling & Louie's opened its first restaurant in Northfield at Stapleton, bringing the city an outpost of the small Asian-fusion chain that serves far Eastern twists on everything from meatloaf to mussels in addition to plenty of noodle bowls, potstickers and fried rice.

It was enough of a hit that the franchisees expanded downtown, opening a second location a couple of years ago on the 16th Street Mall. That location closed last week, and the official line from Steve Halliday, owner of the Ling & Louie's Denver locations, is that he "had the opportunity to complete a transaction that will allow a new chef to lease the space in Tabor Center." That new chef is Jeremy Kittelson, ex-chef of Avondale in Avon, who's getting ready to open Ambria in that space.

The Northfield outpost, however, is still going strong, and it's getting ready to celebrate five years with a slew of deals.

"Northfield has been doing very well for the last five years, and the owners are thanking their guests for being loyal," says Jason Jantzen, who does public relations and marketing for the store. If you want to cash in on your loyalty, ling & Louie's is offering a special $5 menu -- which includes Mongolian flatbread, orange peel chicken and sake bombers -- from tomorrow through Saturday, November 19.

"Five is a monumental number," says Jantzen. "It's a not-boring brand, and they like to do not-boring things."

Despite the success of the Stapleton location, though, don't expect to see the owners to open another Ling & Louie's in the Denver area any time soon. "They're sticking with Northfield for now," says Jantzen. "They have no plans at this time to expand."

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