Organixx is greener than a Prius -- let's hope the food tastes good

The website of Organixx, the new restaurant at 1520 Blake Street, offers this on its home page: "Sustainable, eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable, fair trade, natural, energy efficient, organic, local, green, low-impact, fresh. These are words that inspire us at Organixx."

Amazing: In a single sentence, there's every possible key word used to describe "green" cuisine. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing -- but if the food isn't great, Organixx will be a NO-thing. And that's the challenge for restaurant newcomer Erwin Chang, whose place opened on February 16.

Chang received consulting help from David Schneider and Mary Putman, who're serving as the consulting general manager and chef. As Schneider explained the restaurant to me, Chang "wanted to create a place that focused on organic, natural and healthy food that could be served at an affordable price point, under $10, in a contemporary, urban atmosphere."

And it doesn't get more contemporary than the 1500 block of Blake Street, a row of old Victorian storefronts that's now one of the town's hottest restaurant rows. "I think what really makes us unique is the ability for our customers to get real, great quality food at a reasonable price," Schneider continues. "Mary's menu is awesome; it makes me hungry every time I read it! When you are in the restaurant, you feel like you are in a more upscale venue. These things are what sets Organixx apart."

You can read that menu on the website. For more information, call Organixx at 303- 825-1550.

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