Openings and Closings

Ozo Coffee Co. opening second location on Pearl Street

Ozo Coffee Co., located at 5340 Arapahoe Avenue, in Boulder, has been caffeinating crowds even from its semi-distant digs out on 53rd and Arapahoe since it opened in 2007, so it stands to reason that when the shop opens its second location, on a busy block of the west end of Pearl Street, it'll lure in the downtown masses.

The shop has secured a spot at 1015 Pearl Street, which once housed Bart's CD Cellar.

The coveted downtown front puts it across the street from the Trident, a bookshop that also maintains a crowded cafe, and just a few blocks away from a host of other busy joints providing Pearl Street drinkers with their morning fix. Ozo is different, though, because it will be the first shop on the street that roasts its own beans.

Owner Justin Hartman travels the world looking for beans, bringing them back to Boulder to sell to the Front Range, whether in packages of beans or drinks pulled in-shop. Some of the shots pulled in shop are single-origin espressos, as opposed to the blends normally chosen by shops for consistency. Varying the espresso sources (and roasts) gives Ozo a chance to expose its drinkers to new things all the time.

Hartman has also built a team of baristas who are so obsessed with coffee, they participate in national competitions, pulling shots and pouring drinks for judges.

He'll be bringing that team--and expertise--to his new java joint, which is slated to open this fall.

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