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Part two: Avenue Grill's Andrew Lubatty on hip-hop, kitchen doohickeys and Matty Selby

Andrew Lubatty The Avenue Grill 630 East 17th Avenue 303-861-2820

This is part two of Andrew Lubatty's Chef and Tell interview. To read part one of that interview, click here.

Culinary inspirations: When I was fourteen, I worked at this place called J.G. Melons in Bridgehampton, Long Island, that was the springboard for a life in the kitchen. Little did I know that the small, passionate crew that helped train me would be such a huge influence in my career -- even to this day. I worked with people who were fired up to cook every single day, and with some incredible ingredients from the farm and sea. In Arizona, I also worked with a chef named Todd Hall who taught me about strong fundamentals in classical cuisine -- a lot like Escoffier -- and did it in a way that was new and interesting, never old and dated. I got my love for making desserts from him, and he taught me about standards and would always push me to make a plate more awesome. His artistic touch with food garnishing made me feel like a kid staring, enthralled, for the first time at the person making an intricate balloon animal.

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