P.B. Loco, esta muerto

Okay, so it was never the greatest restaurant in the world. It was designed as a kind of culinary one-trick pony, hanging all its hopes and dreams on people's uncontrollable craving for peanut butter on everything. But it still surprises me just a little that P.B. Loco (part of a very small chain of restaurants with locations remaining in Arizona, Delaware and Florida) couldn't make it in the location that it had: a corner suite in the Southlands development, right next door to the multiplex and across from the fountains where all the moms drop off their children to play and splash and spread E.coli around.

Right now, the space is dark and empty and decorated only with a FOR LEASE sign.  You know what I would suggest?  An all-jelly restaurant.  Because everyone loves jelly.


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