Pho on 6th back in business after ordered to close for "imminent health risks"

May was not a good month for Pho on 6th, which received a notice from the city ordering it to close due to "imminent health risks." The restaurant was required to post that notice, but put it behind a tree in front of the building, so that it can't be seen from the street -- and where customers may not notice it as they walk in.

And they were definitely walking in for lunch today.

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But that's because the restaurant has taken care of the problems that earned it the notice. On May 9, it closed for "cleaning and pest infestations," as ordered by the Denver Department of Environmental Health, then was allowed to re-open on May 15.

The posting must remain up until Friday, May 24.

But Pho on 6th might face further problems with how that notice was posted behind a conveniently placed new tree. According to Environmental Health's Danica Lee, "Typically in such situations we conduct further enforcement when a notice is obstructed."

And even once the sign is in the proper place, Pho on 6th won't be out of the woods. "The facility in question is scheduled to receive monthly visits until they've demonstrated a pattern of compliance," Lee says. "This is in addition to the reinspections that were conducted following the closure."

Calls to Pho on 6th went unanswered.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.