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Pig out at OiNKs BBQ beginning next week

"We're dedicated to the pursuit of the American dream: BBQ, good times and sustainable entrepreneurship," says Bobbi Capps who, along with her husband Mason, will open OiNKS BBQ next week at 6110 East Colfax Avenue.

"This is going to be American-style barbecue" says Bobbi. "We cherry picked from all the good styles -- North Carolina, Texas, St. Louis and Kansas City -- and gave them our own spin."

But while the Capps are pork-centric and passionate about the pit, Bobbi says that the fast-casual joint is just as dedicated to sustainability. "We're recycling our food, plastics and oil as well as re-purposing or reusing existing materials like reclaimed lumber," she explains, adding that they're also using "sustainable products like bamboo in the design."

All of the meats, which are slow-smoked over pecan wood, are grain-fed, antibiotic-free and inexpensive, she continues. "We believe that everyone should be able to eat good and affordable handmade food," notes Bobbi, who also has "plans to donate our food and our time to the organizations like the Denver Rescue Mission and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless."

The Capps are hoping to open next Monday, April 26. For more info, dial 303-355-7900.

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Lori Midson
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