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Pino's Place Reopens After Car Crashes Through Restaurant Wall

A motorist attempted to turn Pino's Place into a drive-through restaurant last month.
A motorist attempted to turn Pino's Place into a drive-through restaurant last month. Courtesy Justin Palmer
Chef Pino Saverino remodeled his Italian restaurant, Pino's Place (1400 East Hampden Avenue in Cherry Hill Village), just over a year ago, but in mid-October an allegedly drunk driver tried to do a little extra renovation. A minivan jumped the curb and punched a hole in the exterior wall of the restaurant, forcing Pino's to close for several weeks until repairs could be completed.

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Chef Pino Saverino takes a look at the new rear wall of his restaurant.
Courtesy Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer, a manager at the restaurant, which has been serving Cherry Hills Village and Englewood since 2011, says Pino's is open again — and has used the opportunity to add new menu items, wines and happy-hour specials. So regulars can stop back in for their favorite pizza, calzone or pasta dish, or try out the ravioli di zucca and papardelle carbonara.

Pino's originally planned to open just a few days after the accident, but the damage was more extensive than it first appeared. In addition to rebuilding the rear wall of the restaurant, the kitchen, freezer and bathrooms also needed repairs.
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