Professional actors read hilarious Yelp reviews with requisite drama

We often see tweets and Facebook posts from celebrities that make us giggle, cringe and, in some cases, even re-tweet and re-post if their words are particularly jaw-dropping. And now we're seeing some of those bold names recite Yelp reviews as part of "Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews," a YouTube series that includes everything from an "expensive biryani" from an Indian restaurant in Newport Beach that apparently turned one Yelp reviewer into a "human flame thrower" with a propensity for laxatives to a P.F. Chang's review that mentions a "bumbling waitstaff" and a "dish that wasn't labeled as spicy but was so hot that my father refused to eat it."

Yelpers, as we are well aware, are proud social media commentators who infiltrate the World Wide Web with "real" (and sometimes false, farcical, or just plain insane) reviews of restaurants, restaurant signage, gravy bowls, silverware stains, water refills (or lack thereof), carpet mats and servers with tats and polka-dot hats. And sometimes those reviews drag on...and on...and on, providing delicious fodder for hilarity. Four professional actors, including Therese Plummer of Law and Oder SVU, have taken some of those reviews and turned them into long, drawn out, comically dramatic one-man (and woman) monologues.

The four videos have been circulating around the Internet for the past few weeks, but if you haven't seen them, here's your chance.

More Yelp reviews after the break.

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