Prost Brewing opens today with a toast to German-style beers

Prost Brewing opens today in Lower Highland, serving up frothy mugfuls of German-style lagers and setting them down on the bar with a hearty thump.

The brewery is one of nearly two dozen that will open this year in the Denver metro area, but is stands apart for several reasons -- not the least of which is its intense focus on a thin slice of the spectrum of beers.

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Prost only plans to make pilsners, bocks, dunkels and other light German lagers, a 180-degree turn from what is popular in craft brewing and the specialty of head brewer Bill Eye, formerly of Dry Dock Brewing.

Four of these beers -- a pilsner, a dunkel, a weissbier and a dark wheat beer called Batch 1 -- will be on tap today when the brewery opens at noon.

The other primary difference for Prost its its brewhouse, a seventy-barrel system that the owners acquired earlier this year from a brewery that was closing in the famous beer-making region of Bamberg, Germany. The gorgeous copper system was disassembled and sent by ship to the States, where it was reassembled in Denver.

Most new breweries begin with fifteen-, seven-, three-, or even one-barrel systems, while even the largest brewers in the state typically use forty-barrel systems. Prost's brewhouse means it has the second or third largest system in the state.

But judging from the demand at a half dozen or so bars around town where Prost's beers are already on tap, the brewery will find a market. It will also use its capacity to contract brew beer for other breweries, including Crooked Stave and Dad & Dude's Breweria.

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