Radex Bistro is gone for good.
Radex Bistro is gone for good.

Radek Cerny's Radex Bistro closes in Boulder

After failing to capture the breakfast and lunch crowd with Full Belly during its first year, Radek Cerny changed the concept of his second Boulder restaurant (the first was L'Atelier) to one of an upscale bistro, remodeling the space and renaming it Radex Bistro.

The changes didn't help. And now Radex Bistro, 2779 Iris Avenue, has shut its doors for good.

The phone line at Radex is still connected, and no one at L'Atelier was available to comment on its status. But sources watched as Radex Bistro employees moved alcohol and artwork out of the space last week, after the restaurant shut quietly on September 28.

No word yet on what will happen with the space, but next-door neighbor Arugula Bar e Ristorante, at 2785 Iris Avenue, has confirmed that it will not be taking over the lease.


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