Wurstküche has joined Denver's sausage roll.
Wurstküche has joined Denver's sausage roll.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Alpine Has the Best Sausage No One Knows About

With Wurstküche coming to town last month from California, joining such local favorites as Biker Jim's, Steve's Snappin' Dogs and Mustard's Last Stand, this city is rolling in sausages — which inspired our list of the Ten Best Places for Sausage in Denver. And after all the expected jokes ("my pants," for example), a few readers offered tantalizing suggestions of other spots that should have made the list. Lechuga's, for example, which has changed hands but still features the Little Devil. And then there's this from Alex:

Alpine sausage on Alaska and Navajo. Best sausage nobody knows about... Little old German lady makes sausage old school style!...

If you're looking for sausage in Denver (no jokes, please), where do you go? Any more secret spots?

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