The Satire's sign has been glowing for over five decades.
The Satire's sign has been glowing for over five decades.
Sarah McGill

Reader: At the Satire Lounge, This Plate Is Hot!

Sarah McGill's tour of neighborhood bars recently took her to Pete's Satire Lounge, a classic dive on East Colfax Avenue where bartenders have been serving up stiff drinks since the early '60s and the Smothers Brothers once served up their own unique brand of jokes. But a waiter there became a celebrity in his own right, remembers David: 

I used to live right around the corner when I first moved to Denver (1975) and spent a lot of time supporting Pete's Kitchen and the Satire. They may not be fine dining, but the price was right for a guy just out of college, the staff friendly and they fed you well. The Satire has always be a little "quirky" but I can't tell you how many nights we shared pitchers of "blue" margaritas (same color as antifreeze and about as strong) and eating their Mexi-Greek cuisine. Anyone else remember the colorful waiter (maybe still there)? We'd say "This plate is HOT" in unison with him every visit.

But some things have changed over the years. Adds Emerson:

It hasn't been the same since they painted the inside bright and turned up the lights. I remember it dark, smoky, glittering ceiling, noisy and great.

When was the last time you visited the Satire? 

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