Reader: Boulder has outgrown its granola label -- now it's time for Westword to grow up

One reader welcomed the news that Tiffin's has opened in Boulder -- but didn't appreciate this start to Lori Midson's piece on the all-vegetarian Indian joint:

Seems that the Boulder granola set may be finally tiring of tofu. At least that's what Justin Patel, co-owner of Tiffin's, an all-vegetarian Indian joint in Boulder, gleaned when he canvassed the city's earth muffins. "I kept talking to vegetarians in Boulder who were complaining about finding protein -- they're bored with tofu -- and that motivated me to open a vegetarian Indian restaurant with prolific proteins," says Patel, who opened Tiffin's, a fast-casual restaurant whose name is British slang for lunch, on August 1.

Responds Ellen:

I'm glad to hear about this new restaurant, but your opening paragraph is an embarrassment to Westword. Your "granola set" comment is weak writing, a long-tired cliche. (Do you actually know anything about Boulder? Do you think it's still 1978 here?) Check out Aji's. Or the dozens of other restaurants that have plenty of vegetarian options. Please. You and your readers deserve better.

Does Boulder get bashed too often? Can Boulder get bashed too often? Post your thoughts below.

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