Reader: Can't see the forest of health-code violations for the tree?

Eww. Just eww. A reader alerted us to the notice from the Denver Department of Environmental Health ordering the closure of Pho on 6th for "imminent health risks" -- which the restaurant had posted behind a tree. A tree that wasn't there when the notice was issued by the city.

And as turns out, there was good reason for that notice, which closed the restaurant from May 9 through May 16 for a thorough cleaning. Although Pho on 6th was allowed to reopen after that, the notice is supposed to stay up through May 24 -- in a prominent location.

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After getting our alert, the city checked out the placement, and will be talking to the restaurant, which we'd In the meantime, says Fu-Pho:

Their "tree-scam" fooled me earlier this week. How often does one really look behind shrubbery to check for health violations? Noticed it on the way out though. Probably would have given them a second chance a few months down the line had they not tried to cover it all up. Begs the question as to what else they might be covering up at this time. Anyway, won't be back there ever again. Thanks for Westword for pointing out these shenanigans.

And thanks to the reader who tipped us off in the first place. Another enterprising reader went on the city site to find the source of the complaint: rodents. Lots of them. You can read that unappetizing report in the comments section here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.