Casa Bonita's waterfall is back in business: Dive right in — the water's fine.
Casa Bonita's waterfall is back in business: Dive right in — the water's fine.

Reader: Casa Bonita Is the Most Overrated Place in Colorado, Maybe the World

When we visited Casa Bonita last weekend, the pool was drained for maintenance, leaving the cliff divers high and dry. But now, "the world famous Casa Bonita lagoon is complete and it looks awesome!" promises the eatertainment palace. "Our daring Acapulco cliff divers will return to entertain you with their breath-taking dive shows. See you soon!!!" And like the waterfall, the comments about Casa Bonita are also flowing again. Says James: 

Most overrated place in Colorado, probably the entire country — possibly the entire world.

Adds Tracy: 

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They should drain the kitchen fryers as well as the pool.

Replies Mel: 

If you don't like it, don't go there. This was always my favorite place for birthday parties, and now I take my kids there, too. What's wrong with being a happy family place?

But Sean thinks he has a better idea: 

Does anyone else ever think, wow this would be a badass night club?!?

The empty pool on February 4.
The empty pool on February 4.
Dan Obarski

Have you been to Casa Bonita? What do you think of the place? Do you think it's overrated, or is it a true quasi-Mexican marvel?

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