Barbecue at Roaming Buffalo, our 2016 Best of Denver winner.
Barbecue at Roaming Buffalo, our 2016 Best of Denver winner.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Denver Has Great Scenery, But No Great Barbecue

The news that Mo Jones is close to opening his Anointed BBQ & Soul Food in the former home of Country Time came as good news for those hungering for more barbecue action in Denver. But even the whiff of a new barbecue joint — Jones says he specializes in "Florida style," which isn't smoky — has people getting all hot and bothered about what, exactly, constitutes good barbecue.  Says Fred:

Smoke is a critical part of barbecue. Cook it low and slow over just the right wood. 

Adds Joe: 

The only real barbecue is Kansas City style. Leave Florida style for those foo-foo people at Miami Beach.

And then there's this from Ray: 

I'm willing to give Anointed a try — but I've been disappointed by every barbecue joint I've tried in Denver. You just can't find good barbecue here. Great scenery, yes. Great BBQ, no.

Want to try Anointed's Florida-style barbecue? Jones is hosting a fundraising block party from 5 to 10 p.m. today outside Anointed, at 2504 West Hampden Avenue. Call 720-737-2829 for more info.

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