Word of Mouth

Reader: Dylan Moore's New Restaurant Is So Not in SoBro

This past weekend, Mark Antonation discovered that Moxie had opened on Broadway. But while the little eatery opened very, very quietly, chef/owner Dylan Moore has made a big impact on the Denver dining scene in years past. Says Austin:
I was just wishing for some Deluxe falafel burger yesterday. Hope Moxie has good falafel, too.
Adds Jane: 
So glad to hear that Dylan Moore is back on Broadway. I miss Deluxe.
But enough about that. Moore's efforts may be so good, but Moxie is not in SoBro, says Laura:

You know SoBro is short for South Broadway, right? If it's not south of Center Street (the 0 block), it's not South. Just a fact about how addresses work.
Want to get people talking? Just start trying to define Denver by its nicknames, old and new: LoHi, Highland, Northside; SloHi, SoBro. For the record, Moore's Deluxe was in SoBro — at 30 South Broadway.
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