There's a new eatery on Broadway just a few doors down from First Avenue.EXPAND
There's a new eatery on Broadway just a few doors down from First Avenue.
Mark Antonation

Moxie Eatery Opens at 70 Broadway

Artemisia & Rue, a sunny little apothecary at 70 Broadway, has disappeared and in its place is a new restaurant called Moxie Eatery. According to Moxie's Facebook page, the kitchen is open daily for breakfast, lunch and early dinner, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Moxie's owner, Dylan Moore, is no stranger to Broadway. He was the chef/owner at Deluxe and Delite (which became Juanita's for a short period) just down the street for nearly a decade before closing up in 2013. (Those attached eateries became Gozo in 2014.)

A menu in the window shows breakfast sandwiches served on "British muffins," savory bowls — including a "falafel waffle" bowl, and sandwiches made on ciabatta. Moore says the menu is light, clean and fun, with tastes of dishes he encountered while traveling around the world over the past three years.

And no, this Moxie is not related to the Moxie Bread Co. in Louisville.

Moxie's menu in the window at 70 Broadway.EXPAND
Moxie's menu in the window at 70 Broadway.
Mark Antonation
Moxie says "Welcome, you are beautiful."EXPAND
Moxie says "Welcome, you are beautiful."
Mark Antonation

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