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Reader: First Rule for Opening a Restaurant — Never Choose 250 Josephine

On the last day of 2015, we published our Restaurant Roll Call for 2015, a compendium of all the openings and closings around town over the past year. Some of those closings hit hard, since longtime institutions like Le Central, Andre's Confiserie Suisse and Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe all closed their doors after decades in business. But other restaurants didn't enjoy that kind of long history before they were sucked into the black hole of a tough location. For example, Opus went dark last month in a Cherry Creek space that had been home to many other restaurants over the years, including Aria, Juicy Lucy's, Tula, Go Fish Grille and Papillon. That lineup prompted this from Dave:
First rule of opening a restaurant in Denver: Never ever, chose 250 Josephine Street.
What restaurant closed in 2015 that you'll miss most? Which closings came as no surprise? And what do you think is the toughest location in Denver? Can any restaurant work at 250 Josephine?
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