Hosea Rosenberg finishes off a dish at Blackbelly.EXPAND
Hosea Rosenberg finishes off a dish at Blackbelly.
Danelle Lirette

Reader: Forget Frasca — Hosea Rosenberg Is Reason to Drive to Boulder

You might think winning Top Chef could top a career, but seven years after his win, Hosea Rosenberg is having the time of his life — as our interview with the Blackbelly chef/owner makes clear. He's always keeping very, very busy as he expands the Blackbelly empire, experiments with cooking with cannabis, and wins over new fans. Including Jan, who writes:

I love the passion he brings to this business. It makes the food taste extra-good.

 Adds Amber:

This article just made my day! Cannot wait to head over to Boulder now!

Responds Jay: 

Forget Frasca. Hosea Rosenberg might be the only reason to drive to Boulder these days.

What do you think of what Hosea Rosenberg is doing with Blackbelly? See more of his kitchen in our new slide show of Hosea Rosenberg.

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