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Reader: Former Cibo Spot Seems Jinxed — Can Sushi Survive Here?

The founders of Marg's Taco Bistro had a big hit with that concept, which now has three locations in Denver. But their second concept? Not so much. As a departure from tacos, the group decided to put a casual Neopolitan pizza joint, Cibo, into the LoHi address previously occupied by Churchill's Public House, right across the street from the always hopping Lola. But the crowds never came to 1560 Boulder Street. In fact, some nights it looked like no one at all was coming, and Cibo has closed

Says Dave Barnes: 
New buildings appear to be the kiss of death for retail.

Is the "rent too damned high"?
But Barbara has another theory: 
See, people move in (read: take over) neighborhoods without any desire to learn the history. THAT, my friends, is the site of what used to be a very haunted property. Everyone who grew up there knew about it. And there are two VERY haunted houses on Mariposa, one on Clay, and one on Lipan that has seen four owners and is now vacant. Know the last one personally. Keep tearing shit down without respect. One doesn't have to believe in spirits to make it true. That entire area is rich with superstition for a reason.
Adds Kevin:
It's too bad, because their pizza really was quite good. Not sure what it is about this spot that seems to be jinxed; hopefully the next tenants can make it work. Sounds like it's going to be an izakaya place. 
Yes, that's the word on the streets in LoHi. Crews are already taking a look at the space, and our bet is that it will soon house Modern Mizu Izakaya and Sushi, which Hong Jian Lee had wanted to put in a new spot a block away. But Modern Mizu gave up on that deal late last year and Sushi Ronin moved in, becoming the first restaurant to open in Denver in 2016. Lee recently confirmed to Eater that he's still opening a spot in LoHi — and although he didn't name a space, it looks like it's full speed ahead for 1560 Boulder Street.

What do you think the chances are for an Asian concept in this spot?
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