Reader: Hipsters Have Ruined My Favorite Dive Bars

With the closing of the Squeeze Inn, the sale of the Kentucky Inn, and Rocky Flats Lounge still in limbo, it seemed high time to update our list of metro Denver's ten best dive bars, adding the White Horse to a roster that includes the Hangar, Bar Bar, Lakeview Lounge and some of the city's other great hangouts. Says Nikko: 
Now i know why all those random gentrified fucks are showing up at Hangar.
Adds Amy: 

You hipster creeps and your shit beer and your slumming. Get a fucking life!
And Jamie: 

I agree, hipsters have ruined many of my favorite dive bars ...
Then there's the question of what qualifies as a dive bar. Says HeXx: 
The only way it's a dive bar is if you got to sit with your back to the wall to keep an eye on everybody else in the fucking room so you don't get hit from behind!!
Concludes James:
 It must be so fun to sit in a crappy place and get wasted. Aim high, son. Aim high.
So don't expect to find James sitting on the stool next to you. What's your favorite dive bar in Denver?

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