Reader: Ho Mei isn't the worst restaurant in Denver -- there are many that suck more

This week The Daily Meal released its list of possibly the five worst restaurants in America. Third on the list was in metro Denver -- and no, it wasn't Casa Bonita. It's Ho Mei, a local mini-chain of cheap Chinese food, which the Daily Meal described with this:

Ho Mei must translate to the Yiddish 'Oy Vey' or more poignantly, 'Viscous Mush,'" wrote one Yelp reviewer of this questionable Denver Chinese restaurant. "FLEE!," chimed in another reviewer; "AVOID!," another. "The sesame chicken was hard as a rock and tasted like nothing I could identify," another wrote. "The place is dirty. I shudder to imagine what the kitchen looks like. Save your money. Go lick a bus seat to get the same gastrointestinal experience for free." And in 2012, they racked up $7,000 in health code violation fines. Yikes.

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Says Bruce:

Funny, supposing that "Ho Mei" means "Oy vey." Considering the review, its real meaning sounds like a sad little wish: it means "Good Beautiful."

Says Ruben:

Anybody that eats there and uses the words 'good' or 'Chinese" to describe the food there obviously know very little about either

But then there's this from Joe:

Ho Mei is far from the worst restaurant in Denver, much less the country. There are many that suck more in this town.

Did Ho Mei deserve to make the list of the five worst restaurants in America? Is it even the worst restaurant in Denver? If not, what is?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.