Dishing up tiramisu at Lo Stella Ristorante.EXPAND
Dishing up tiramisu at Lo Stella Ristorante.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Hopefully Lo Stella's Owner Will Take the Criticism to Heart

Gretchen Kurtz did not have great experiences at Lo Stella Ristorante, which last fall moved into a space in the Golden Triangle that has swallowed up several other restaurants. And as she writes in her review this week, Kurtz found several things hard to swallow at Lo Stella, including the fact that the kitchen was out of many items...and failed to let servers know. As a result, she says, her meals here frequently descended to the level of a comic opera. But for owner Alessandro Polo, that review was no laughing matter — as he makes clear in several comments posted here. But Barslinger hopes the owner will take the criticism to heart :

I have had some very good meals at Lo Stella restaurant and also one that was similar to your experience. Hopefully the owner will take the criticism to heart. While it is admirable to try and stay true to your native food recipes etc, consistent happy customers returning is what pays the bills. Just because the region doesn't typically have sandwiches for instance the American palate is used to it. The Golden Triangle doesn't have a captive tourist population to exploit, nor nearly the beautiful scenery as a draw. Sharpen the service, season the food, and stock what is on the menu seem like easy fixes as the hospitality has always been great.

Have you eaten at Lo Stella Ristorante? What did you think of the food? The service? 

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