Reader: I love me some Smashburger, but not those fries

Smashburger has been a smash hit since the homegrown chain was introduced in 2006. Since then, it's built a dozen stores in the metro area -- and expanded not just throughout the United States, but across the ocean. And in the next year, the company plans to open another sixty to seventy stores. But first it's rolling out a new look and new items, which Jenn Wohletz tried first at a media preview, then at the Stapleton store.

But some readers think that one of the original items needs work: See also: - Smashburger offers many opportunities for delicious deviation - New Smashburger has an updated look, an industry rock star and amazing fried chiles- First look: Smashburger unveils new design

Says a94buff:

I've never liked those Rosemary garlic fries. Oily and too much rosemary. And the regular fries are abysmal, which seems weird given how almost every burger joint under the sun now has pretty decent fries and for how much attention they put into the other menu items. i do love me some smashburger, though.

How do you feel about Smashburger? What do you love? What do you loathe? And where would you like to see another store in the metro area? Post your suggestions below.

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