3090 Downing Street will get a new lease on life.
3090 Downing Street will get a new lease on life.
Keith Garcia

Reader: If Anyone Can Make a Go of 3090 Downing, It's Mary Jane's Pizza

There are some restaurant locations that seem cursed. One of the biggest black holes, 250 Josephine Street, was a success as Radek Cerny's Cafe Papillon, but killed off numerous eateries in the years that followed, most recently Opus. Now that building is gone altogether, wiped off the map for another Cherry Creek development.

Meanwhile, over at 3090 Downing Street, two popular ventures — the Wrangler and Mary Jane's Pizza — are about to move into a building that has swallowed up everything from Tosh's Hacienda to, well, Swallows. Both the Wrangler and Mary Jane's have loyal regulars who will no doubt follow them to the new location, but some fans are still worried. Says Alex: 

Too bad that location is cursed!

Adds Ben:

Most awkwardly laid-out business space I've ever been in. Good luck, guys!

Concludes Beth:

If anyone can make a go of this space, Mary Jane's can!

What do you think of 3090 Downing Street? Can you name all the eateries that have come and gone from that space? What are the other black holes around town?

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