The new Lucile's will be serving this morning.
The new Lucile's will be serving this morning.
Mark Antonation

Reader: If You Like a Southern Brunch, You'll Love Lucile's

A new Lucile's recently opened at 999 East Evans Avenue — which is good news for anyone who's ever waited, and waited, in line for brunch at the Lucile's that opened at 275 South Logan in 2005, or any of the other outposts, including the original in Boulder.  Says Ben:

 Best restaurant I've eaten at in Denver.

Responds Alicia:

 If you know what real Creole food tastes like, you'll be disappointed with Lucile's. I'm from Louisiana and I was not impressed with either of the two locations I have been to.

Concludes Jennifer:

If you like a Southern brunch, you would love this place. Go early or be prepared to wait.

Will you head to one of the six Lucile's locations for brunch today? If not, where will you eat?

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