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Reader: If You're Waiting for Brunch, Aren't You Just Early for Lunch?

Brunch is undeniably Denver's favorite meal, and as people started lining up at the various Snooze outposts around town yesterday, we shared our video of people waiting to eat at Snooze — which inspired another outpouring of comments from readers. Says Naomi:
Hey, the more people who like Snooze and choose to wait in lines to eat there, the less people there are at the really great joints around town. I'm cool with that!
Replies Stephen: 
All of you guys hating on the place but don't suggest where you think is better?
Responds Jacob: 
That's because they don't want those places to have hour waits like Snooze. Duh. I don't live in Denver anymore so I'll give one away: Breakfast On Broadway in Englewood is totally solid and doesn't have crazy long wait times.
Here are some other suggestions from readers: The Universal, the original Sassafras and the second location on Colfax, and the Original Pancake House on Belleview (although it has "long wait times, too"). But Aaron has another question: 

If you're waiting an hour for brunch, aren't you just technically showing up early for lunch at that point?
Fortunately, most early-morning joints in town offer brunch until at least 1 p.m. Where will you be today? For more ideas, see our list of the Ten Best Breakfasts in Denver and the Ten Best Brunch Restaurants.
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