Reader: I'm bummed to see the Burnsley go

News that the Burnsley Hotel would be closing next month hit some people hard. Although the European-boutique-style accommodations (all suites) were a hit with out-of-towners, locals appreciated the hideaway dining room and the lounge with its generous happy hour. But two weeks from now, that deal will dry up when the new owners take over and start converting the seventeen-story building into condos.

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Says Kimberly:

This makes me so very sad. My first job in Denver was as a receptionist here, and I loved every single day that I spent there. The clients were just so interesting, and the bar/restaurant was a hidden jewel. All of the kitchen/hospitality staff would walk across the street when the shift changed and have drinks at Charlie Brown's into the wee smalls of the night while listening to the piano player do his thing. I'm really bummed to see this establishment go.

Did you spend time at the Burnsley? What will you remember about it?

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