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Reader: "Irish" Bar Is Just a Chili's With Wood Paneling and Inflated Guinness Prices

Later today we'll publish our Restaurant Roll Call for September, a compendium of all the openings and closings around town. We already know it's been a tough month for Irish bars, with the Celtic Tavern and Delaney's closing last weekend (the Celtic is slated to reopen at 1400 Market Street), and Conor O'Neill's Irish Pub in Boulder slated to shutter on Sunday. Added to other high-profile closings this year, including Katie Mullen's, that's a big hit for Emerald Isle-styled bars, but some readers won't miss them. Says Chris: 
Too many examples of questionable authenticity watered down the concept. Many are just a Chili's with extra wood paneling and inflated Guinness prices. Plus, relying on lots of ten-minute nitro pours clog up the bar.
Adds Rachel:
Better beer/less fakey Irish decor at local breweries.

Ready to be persuaded otherwise? Just check our list of the Ten Best Irish Pubs in Metro Denver. And drink up!
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