The metro area once boasted five locations of the Denver Drumstick.
The metro area once boasted five locations of the Denver Drumstick.

Reader: I've Learned to Live Without White Spot, But Bring Back Denver Drumstick!

The former JCRS shopping center, longtime home to Casa Bonita, is getting a facelift as Lamar Station. After we wrote about that, readers served up memories of other spots that were once located there, including one of "five beautiful Drumstick Restaurants" around Denver. And that brought on a flood of memories of othr long-lost restaurants around town.

Says DenverGregg:

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Denver Drumstick was a huge part of my youth. I've learned to live without White Spot, Rockybilt, Yum Yum Tree, Bronco Burger, Lutz', Bundy's Festival, Sailor Sandwiches, Bronco Burger, Georgia Boys, Organ Grinder, Arctic Circle, Round-the-Corner et al., but I'd dearly love to get the Drumstick back.

What restaurants would you like to see come back to Colorado?

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