Reader: Keep Casa Bonita, and Bring Back the Denver Drumstick!

New owners are making plenty of improvements to Lamar Station, the new name for the center that Casa Bonita has anchored for over four decades. They're adding a coffeeshop, two galleries and a brewpub, and looking for someone to run a year-round urban market. They've also signed that pink eatertainment palace to a long-term lease, which will enable Casa Bonita to make some capital improvements — to the space, if not the food. Readers have other suggestions for what should be done to the property. Says Larry:

Now, if they could also bring back the Denver Drumstick that sits next to the Burger King at JCRS.

Says Ted:

Bring back Boardwalk USA, Newsland, Journey Books, China Buffet and Game Force.

Says Amanda:

That's awesome! Hopefully this will encourage the property owner to fix the hundreds of potholes you have to navigate around at the entry and all over the parking lot in order to go to a store or the gym

And then there's this from Heidi:

I swear to all that's holy Casa Bonita updates are going to be the reason I quite following this page.

Can there ever be too much Casa Bonita? Too much Casa Bonita food, yes. But Casa Bonita coverage?

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