Reader: J.J.'s -- or is that JJ? -- rate the best Chinese list

Our list of the "Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Denver" had a couple of readers wondering about the absence of JJ's. But which JJ's?

From thespot84:

I'm excited to try all of these. For straight up chinese takeout/delivery downtown, however, JJ's Bistro is truly hard to beat.

And this from Jjrocks:

JJ's bistro is shit JJ on alameda and alcott is by far the best chinese in denver

Those would be the similar-sounding, but very different, J.J.'s Chinese Bistro at 1255 19th Street and JJ Chinese Seafood Restaurant at 2500 West Alameda Avenue.

This week's review of one restaurant on the list, Tao Tao Noodle Bar, inspired this mouthwatering comment from echo:

i'm glad westword is exposing white people to all the ethnic gems of denver. i keep hearing how denver is just a burger city. don't get me wrong i like park burger, but i've found such good ethnic hole-in-the-walls that easily surpass many cities of the us. and prices are cheap and owners are friendly and really want to showcase you their cuisines. and there are a surprising number of places that are authentic which don't water down the taste to the bland american palate. denver's ethnic food scene is extermely underrated! my newest find is Thai Street Food in Aurora! papaya salad there is the real stuff.

my ethnic rotation keeps expanding: masalaa, thai street food, star kitchen, china jade, sachi sushi, las tortugas, tao tao, abyssinia cafe, amira bakery.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.