Word of Mouth

Reader: Love Dae Gee — But Don't Tell Everybody About It!

The third Dae Gee will open soon at 460 Broadway — but it can't be soon enough for fans of Korean food. And especially for fans of all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue. Lauren Monitz recently checked out that deal at the second Dae Gee, at 827 Colorado Boulevard, and while she was disappointed to see that the do-it-yourself grills have still not been installed on the tables (someone light a fire under the city permitting department!), the deal itself did not disappoint. "We're letting them know what Korean food is about," 33-year-old chef-owner Joseph Kim told Gretchen Kurtz earlier this year. "We're reaching the masses." And giving them good food, says Mike:
Having spent a year in Korea, Dae Gee #1 is how I remember Korean food. Joe has got it right, and I thank him.
Adds Betty:
Love this place! But please don't tell everyone about it!
Too late! If you want to do the grilling yourself, go to the original Dae Gee in Westminster, which has all the equipment. Or just let the kitchen do the work at the Colorado Boulevard location.
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